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Qualitative Comparative Analysis

While researching evaluating complex programs/complex systems, I came across an evaluation approach/method that I wasn’t familiar with: Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). So I’ve done a bit of reading on this to see if it might be something I can use … Continue reading

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Informatics, Big Data, and Data Visualization

Notes from module 10 of the Interprofessional Health Informatics course I’m working on (plus side reading that I did to fill in some blanks/learn more about some things mentioned in the course). Big Data = size of a database that is … Continue reading

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Evaluation Designs When You Have Small Sample Sizes

Evaluation occurs in real-world contexts, which means that we often don’t have as much control as we do in research projects. For example, in research we may be able to randomize participants to receive an intervention or not, whereas randomization … Continue reading

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Participatory Action Research (PAR) Lecture

I had the opportunity to attend a lecture on Participatory Action Research (PAR), which was being held as a kickoff for a three-day workshop on the same topic 1Wished I could have done the whole workshop, but I just couldn’t afford … Continue reading

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A Realist Synthesis Protocol Paper

Many moons ago, I did some work with a colleague on a grant application for a realist synthesis on self-management of chronic conditions and I was very pleased to be notified recently that this colleague has now published their protocol: … Continue reading

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Webinar Notes: Community-Based Research

I’ve attended a few webinars lately where I’ve taken some notes during the session with the intention of posting them here on my blog, and then not quite gotten around to adding in the links I wanted to and actually … Continue reading

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