Webinar Notes: Knowledge Translation (KT) Planning Primer

NCCMT Spotlight on KT Methods & Tools: KT Planning Primar

hosted by: CH-NET webinar (link)
date: 11 Feb 2014
presenters: Nira Lalji, Andrea Simpson, Ann Coombs (PHAC)

  • KT = work to convert knowledge into action
  • “In an age where we know so much, why are we applying so little of it”  – the “Know-Do Gap”
  • Are we making a  difference  – how much? for whom? and how do we know? = the “So-What Factor”
  • the challenges facing Public Health are complex – need to be thoughtful in how we get knowledge into action

Knowledge Cycle Framework. Source: PHAC

The KT Planning Primer (link to download primer)

  • PHAC wanted to make a KT guide for community-based organizations (as much of what was available when they started this project was directed at academics/researchers)
  • they have a user guide and a worksheet [similar set up to the handbook/workbook the AWESOME project] and have found that it’s difficult to get people to read the user guide – they want to jump right into the worksheet!
  • cascading design to the tool
    • “questions to consider” and “tips” for each section
    • included more detailed information in appendices
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