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Informatics and Public Health

Notes from module 6 of the Interprofessional Health Informatics course I’m working on (plus side reading that I did to fill in some blanks/learn more about some things mentioned in the course). [Note: I posted this on August 5, 2015, but then it … Continue reading

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Online Course notes: E is Epi, 1.1 – Epidemiology: A Basic Public Health Science

…but I work with a lot of them. In an effort to round out my knowledge of the field 1I’ve only briefly covered epidemiological concepts in my research methods class back in PhD school, and that was several years ago … Continue reading

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Online Module Notes: RE-AIM

I recently completed an online learning module about the RE-AIM framework for program planning and evaluation offered by the Centre for Training and Research Translation (TRT) at  Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the University of North Carolina at Chapel … Continue reading

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Social Media and Social Determinants of Health

Given my interest in Public Health and the social determinants of health, and the fact that I’m currently taking a class on digital marketing, including social media, the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH) 1I had initially put the … Continue reading

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Two Reports: Poverty and Health Inequities

Two reports of interest to BC have just been released – I haven’t yet read them, but I’m posting them both to share them more broadly and to remind myself where they are located! The Cost of Poverty in BC … Continue reading

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