Informatics and Public Health

Notes from module 6 of the Interprofessional Health Informatics course I’m working on (plus side reading that I did to fill in some blanks/learn more about some things mentioned in the course). [Note: I posted this on August 5, 2015, but then it disappeared completely from my blog! Thank goodness for Google, as I was able to find a cached version so I could re-post it!]

  • Evans & Stoddart model of determinants of health:

  • Stiefel & Nolan Population Health Composite Model

  • Meaningful Use (Stage 2) standards for Public Health include the use of SNOMED CT, LOINC, and HL7
  • using EHR data for Public Health is quite different than traditional Public Health methods, such as having a national registry of reportable diseases and many other surveillance systems in CDC
  • e.g., publich health nursing information system data has been used to describe high risk population and compare health outcomes across agencies
  • mobile data is also useful in Public Health
  • big data is also useful – e.g., Google flu trends, Google dengue trends
  • a PopHR (population health record) = “a repository of statistics, measures, and indicators regarding the state of and influences on the health of a defined population, in computer-processable form, store and transmitted securely, and accessible by multiple authorized users” has been proposed
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