Webinar Notes: Evaluating FASD Prevention & Support Programs

This webinar caught my eye as it is the at the intersection of my former academic world – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) 1My PhD dissertation was on FASD. and my current world – evaluation. Combine that with the fact that one of the presenters is colleague with whom I previously worked (and who I know *always* gives great presentations from which I learn a lot!) and I knew this webinar was one that I didn’t want to miss!

Evaluating FASD Prevention & Support Programs: Tools to Support Planning & Evaluation

Website containing resources from the project: www.fasd-evaluation.ca

  • supports capacity of community-based organizations to conduct evaluation
  • evaluation is about:
    • learning how a model works
    • learning how to improve a program
    • learning new outcomes can be identified
    • learning what measures are appropriate for those outcomes
    • learning what difference the program is making
    • informing evidence-based decision making
  • they mapped FASD prevention programs
    • levels in a cirlce (from inside to outside): program’s philosophy/theoretical framework, program activities/approaches, program outcomes, participant outcomes, community outcomes
    • not suggesting that any given program needs to have *all* the things at the map – these are a collective list of all the things they saw in the programs they looked at

Resource guides:

  • using the program philosophy as a foundation for evaluation is key (not just for FASD programs, but other programs working with children, women, and families)
    • why are we doing things in a particular way?
    • are we doing the right things?
  • program activities – important to uncover the hidden activities
  • link between activities to outcomes
  • participant outcomes – short, intermediate and long-term outcomes, along with indicators of those outcomes and measurement tools are provided on the website

Here’s a link to the recording of the webinar.


1 My PhD dissertation was on FASD.
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